Phone Right

Our Phone Right training seminar focuses on one critical detail that will significantly impact your business and clearly differentiate you from your competition.

Phone Right addresses the proper use of a business’ most important tool – the telephone.

Specific and relevant performance standards and systems will enable your business to run more effectively and profitability. In an enjoyable atmosphere, we will cover issues such as:

  • How to handle the phone shopper
  • The real unspoken reason why people call you
  • How to handle the “price only” caller
  • How to handle the “send me a brochure” caller
  • How to handle the initial opening with ease
  • How to build and cement relationships so that customers keep coming back
  • How to script responses to frequently asked questions

EVERYONE WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE SHOULD ATTEND. There is no one who has more contact with existing and potential customers than the people who pick up the phone.


Phone Right – a highly energetic, interactive and customized training DVD session is presented in our facility for a half day training opportunity (On site presentations can be arranged).

Afraid of the DVD format? We designed it so that it is impossible to only sit and watch. Together we go through each exercise to maximize the returns on your investment of time and money.

Implementation Insurance

For four weeks after the seminar, we will make regular follow up calls to monitor your progress. Additionally, you and your team are invited and encouraged to call us for support as often as necessary during those same four weeks.

For more information on Phone Right, please email or call:

Erin Blabac,

Marketing Director
845-567-9000 Ext. 269