Our Mission

Our purpose is to help our clients succeed. We will do this by providing responsive, fair priced, proactive services to our clients. We will concentrate our efforts on developing an extremely strong confident/counselor relationship with our clients. We will place a major emphasis on having our team members and/or clients’ service team understand our clients’ business.

We will foster an environment of trust and respect, valuing and empowering team members as they each play a significant role in meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our intense passion for excellence will align with each team member’s personal vision, resulting in prosperity for our people, our clients and our community. Success in client service will result in excellent retention of clients, high fee realization, and the generation of a significant number of referrals. Ultimately, our long term success depends on it.

The primary target clients will be the small-to-medium size closely-held businesses and their owners, where this firm realistically has the potential to be the best alternative for their accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs. Products and services offered will be evaluated in terms of this target client base and matched to their needs.

The firm will place major reliance on the execution of a proactive client service strategy directed at expanding services to existing clients and attracting new clients. In doing so, the firm must expand its business advisory role with clients and increase the level of industry and functional specialization throughout the firm. To maximize our client service potential, the firm will focus on attracting and serving larger clients within our target market segment and utilizing the team approach while strengthening our relationship as the confidant/counselor to our clients.